Brainwavezz - Life Coach, Spiritual Master, & Healer

Brainwavezz is The Spiritual Master/Healer Tarot Teacher Ambassador of The Genius is Common Movement Founded by Bruce George (Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam on HBO).  He is also a Motivational Speaker/Coach and 30th Ambassador of the Genius is Common Movement as well as CEO of Brainwavezz Advice Topics LLC.  Brainwavezz is a Lightworker, 3rd Generation Psychic, Medium, Empath, Clairvoyant with all 4 Clairs, Astrologer, who’s also a Tarot, Angel, & Oracle Card Reader, Healer, Pendulum Dowsing Expert, and Dating and Relationship Coach.  He has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing, where he has gained extensive experience in working in multiple corporate industries as well as creating and running several successful small businesses.  Brainwavezz is also a successful Hip Hop Artist, Songwriter, and Producer, Father, and is married to his Twin Flame.

He specializes in love including Twin Flame, Soulmate, and Karmic relationships, Spiritual Guidance and Awakenings, Dream and Past Life Interpretation, Channeling, and Mediumship.  Brainwavezz uses his knowledge in Astrology through birth charts and other tools to help you discover who you really are, why you feel the way you do, and why you react certain ways to life matters.  He also specializes in providing a spiritually protected, informative, and relaxing session to those who may be new and fearful of spiritual practices and tools such as Tarot Cards and Pendulums.  Though he does not need these tools, he may use them to gain a clearer understanding when information and messages channeled may not make immediate sense.

Brainwavezz often channels guidance from his spirit guides, angels, and can channel messages from your spirit guides, guardian angels, and deceased loved ones that may have information that you need to know.  He is a respected healer, in that he has been gifted to provide spiritual protection, break powerful spells, generational curses, and spiritual cord connections to people, places, and negative spirits.  Brainwavezz has also personally experienced many life situations, both good and bad, and can bring a unique, combined perspective of his personal and professional insight for your benefit.

He has professionally helped thousands of people around the world including celebrities and other popular spiritualists in the community find the divine guidance, wisdom, comfort, and truth they seek via his YouTube Channel (Brainwavezz Advice Topics LLC), Psychic Hotline Platforms, in person, phone, and video chat, as well as through social media.  It is his desire and passion to help you in a calming, caring, and non-judgmental manner.  He wants nothing more than what’s for your highest good, and the Creator’s truth.  Expect to receive his healing and high vibration energy to help you move through your life journey better than you started it!

Brainwavezz - MUSIC: Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, Voice Over Talent, Actor, & More!

Born and raised in the East side of Atlanta, Georgia, Brainwavezz has been exposed to diverse groups of all walks of life. Just about everything from the streets, gangs, crime, drugs, poverty, and prostitution to everyday 9 to 5 struggles to make ends meet, church and ministry, collegiate life, and the corporate world, to the very educated, wealthy, and famous, his eyes have seen and experienced. He brutally honestly and perhaps controversially attacks the subject matters that are on the minds and in the hearts of many people, yet most artists are afraid to do for fear of lack of music industry acceptance. He is a true lyricist, a rap lover's dream come true. This is all reflected in his rapping style, one that can’t be defined, limited, or boxed into one specific subgenre, allowing him to reach all walks of life.

At a very young age, he was a talented tap dancer, poet, and fictional writer. In high school, he was an inspiring R&B singer and songwriter, and later became a unique rap artist who had 2 of his previously retired hit songs played on Atlanta urban radio. Brainwavezz has also performed and networked with talented underground artists as well as successful artists such as Ludacris, Outkast, Blaque, TLC, Field Mob, and Little John & the Eastside Boyz just to name a few.

Brainwavezz was originally Catholic as a baby, but in December of 2001, he felt a calling to Christ and joined a local church in Atlanta where he was saved and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  One month later in January 2002, Brainwavezz was also baptized.  In 2005, Brainwavezz started his co-owned label, Gospel Rhymes Records, LLC where he launched his successful debut album, "From Dah Streets 2 Dah Church" in 2006. Shortly after, he released several successful Holy Hip Hop songs on various mixtapes, and later created a professional project recording studio now known as Brainwave Studios, where he began gaining producing experience recording demos for several underground artists. 

In 2007, he furthered his education gaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing, and later started his own record label, Think About It Records. In 2009, Brainwavezz released, “The Hip Hop Stimulus Package”. In July 2011, Brainwavezz released, “Spiritual Warfare Mixtape Vol. 1” featuring his group, "The Warriors".  This collaborative musical effort to reach and empower all individuals with the means to (S.O.S.) survive, overcome, and succeed over obstacles in their life through Christ has already been well received and rocked several Atlanta area churches.  In 2012, Brainwavezz has made some appearances as an actor in some movies and etc filmed in Atlanta, Ga. 

Currently, Brainwavezz is a Voice Over Talent, does various performances with other artists, and releases songs independently.